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Welcome to which is brought to you in association with Gamefayre Shooting Supplies from FMTC. This new department will specialize in Night Vision and Day optic products. So if you're in the market for binoculars, minoculars and scopes for use in both day and night conditions then please enter our store for a look around. is our latest addition to our existing department style web store for all the country sportsman amongst us. We have a full range of Night Vision optics including monoculars, binoculars and rifle scopes. We have a selection of Gen 1 and Gen 2 and the new Digital Generation to choose from and have brands such as Yukon and Cobra. Pulsar, Night Owl and ATN for you to choose from. As you enter our store you will be free to move throughout the other departments and select any items you desire into a single shopping basket.

Other departments include the FMTC Fishing Tackle Store for Fly Fishing, Shooting Equipment from our Gamefayre department and Outdoor Climbing Equipment supplies from Ultimateascent.

Pulsar Digital Night Vision N550 Scope All new Pulsar Digital Scope (Digisight N550) with all the following features:
  • Fine Image Quality and Resolution
  • Highly Sensitive CCD Array
  • User choice of reticle shapes
  • Water Resistance
  • One Shoot Zeroing
  • Large Eye Relief (67mm)
  • High Contrast function
  • Resistant to bright light exposure
  • Video input/output
  • Built in IR Illuminator with shield blind
Yukon Digital Night Vision Monocular 2x24 Top quality one handed Yukon Night Vision Moncular with all the following features:
  • Gen 1 Monocular
  • Waterproof
  • Powerful built-in IR
  • 2.0x Mag
  • Pouch Case
  • 29mm F1.3 Lens
  • Weight 380gms

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